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Interested in becoming a Vixen...

The Krewe of Vixens is compromised of professional women dedicated to the research and awareness of Ovarian Cancer (the No. 1 silent killer of women). Membership is limited to 50 women.  Any one interested of becoming a part of this dynamic group must be 25 or over.  The Krewe starts taking new applications for new members in March.  A potential new member meet and greet takes place in May  and the board makes their decision in June.  

New members are determined based on the number of membership slots are available.  We are looking for members who will be active participants in our fundraising endeavors, take leadership roles in our organization, and have fun!  

If you are interested in joining our krewe and would like to learn more about the Krewe of Vixens, please stop by our float at one of the parades or come check us out at one of our fundraising events (our events are listed under the Event Tab).  

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