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10 Years of Krewe of Vixens History
(established 2013)

Trish Purdy Wilbourn decided that she wanted to do something to raise money and spend time fundraising for cancer as she had raised money for various cancers most of her life. Then one day in early 2012 she had a conversation with a young lady who had just had a child. The young lady started having unexplained female trouble, she was terrified as her mother died from ovarian cancer. As she listened to her, she was thinking to herself, why have I never heard of ovarian cancer? Why isn't it talked about? It was eating at her. So she started doing some research and found out it was, at the time, the 5th deadliest female cancer, and normally was not easily detected, especially in the early stages.


Later that year, her husband joined Krewe of Lafitte and she had her first experience parading and absolutely loved it.  Trish continued to research Ovarian Cancer and began researching how to start a krewe.  In early 2013, she told her husband her idea of starting a charity krewe. By this time, she had the name, Krewe of Vixens (a Vixen by definition is a female fox or a quarrelsome woman). She was like, why not do the things you love, giving back to the community and parading!! The first person she talked to about it was Darlene Richards, her first words were "ooh that's not easy", but when Trish told her the cause she immediately said "I'm in!"  Then Darlene told Trish her mother had died from Ovarian Cancer.  Trish was very surprised, as they had been great friends for some time and she had not known that. Then Trish and Darlene recruited Patsy Enfinger, Michelle Moser, and Melissa Walker, all local professional ladies with the same passion to Kiss Ovarian Cancer Goodbye!! They officially formed the krewe on December 31, 2013 and the rest, as they say, is history!  Our tagline, "Kiss Ovarian Cancer Goodbye" is done in Darlene's mother's handwriting.  Darlene's niece was able to do this for the Vixens. The Krewe and our T.E.A.L. sisters hold a very special place in our Founding Sisters' hearts. We have made many beautiful memories and we look forward to making a many more!!

Trish Purdy Wilbourn
Founding Member
Darlene Richards
Founding Member
Patsy Enfinger
Founding Member
Michelle Moser
Founding Member
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